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GoodNites® Nighttime protection for Girls. Check out our nighttime underwear, bed mats, and TRU-FIT underwear designed to help you manage your daughter's bedwetting. We’ve got answers, solutions & advice to help you & your family Rest Easy Tonight. Learn from GoodNites® bedwetting experts today.

Apr 10, 2017 · Video of a diaper girl dancing in cute Goodnites:* goodnites,adult diaper,diaper girl,nappies,cute diaper girl. Wearing Goodnites and a pacifier makes you feel safe and you feel are absolutely accident-free, however Goodnites do not hold a lot:(diaper girl,goodnites,adult baby.

Huggies Goodnites Underwear for Girls feature a soft, breathable outer cover for a quiet and restful night’s sleep and heart, monkey, and butterfly graphics. . GoodNites (Formerly Pull-Ups Goodnites) (Known as DryNites in the UK and some other countries) are diapers designed for managing nocturnal enuresis. GoodNites are designed to be worn to bed in order to prevent wetting of the sheets and pajamas in case of an accident.