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Sep 29, 2015 · The adult fairy tale "Cinderella" \\\ Взрослая сказка "ЗОЛУШКА" Fairy Tales — Angela Aames stars as Little Bo Peep in her first sexy role — Movie clip - Duration. 20 great new fairy tale retellings for adults, including 'Beauty and the Beast,' 'Cinderella,' 'The Little Mermaid,' and more. Great books are timeless, web browsers are Author: T.A. Maclagan.

11 Sexed Up Fairy Tales, from Ever After to Red Riding Hood. Red Riding Hood, which premieres March 11, is hardly the first movie to transform a children’s tale into a sexy adult story.Author: Alex Berg. Mar 28, 2016 · Fairy tales are defined, according to Jens Tismar, as stories that differ "from an oral folk tale"; and are written by "a single identifiable author" - characterized as "simple and anonymous.