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§ 50201. Medi-Cal Programs -General. (a) A person or family may be eligible for Medi-Cal under one of the following programs. In order to be certified and receive a Medi-Cal card under this program, the persons listed in (a) shall be determined eligible and meet the income and share-of-cost basis of deprivation is an incapacitated. MEDI-CAL ELlGlBlLlN PROCEDURES MANUAL 5C - DEPRIVATION-LINKAGE TO AID TO FAMILIES WITH DEPENDENT Absent Parent or Deceased Parent Deprivation, Title 22, Sections 50213and50209 c. Incapacitated Parent Deprivation, Section 5021 1 d. Unemployed Parent Deprivation, Section 50215 e. Unmarried Minor Parent Living With Parents, Two MFBUs.

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Incapacitated adult means any adult belonging to the age group 18 and above and who is impaired both physically and mentally by reason of mental illness, mental deficiency, physical illness or disability to the extent that s/he is unable to understand or communicate responsible decisions concerning his/her person, or to the extent the adult cannot effectively manage or apply his/her estate to. control of an adult parent's child to be aided regardless of whether or not the parent lives in the home. The MN. MI, and Percent programs do not allow the caretaker to be aided if the for deprivation, the father may be included in the MFBU. spouse is incapacitated. See the Medi-Cal Eligibility Procedures Manual 5C, 5s and 8G for ' more.