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NADSA is the only national association devoted exclusively to professionals in the Adult Day Services arena.Whether you are part of Center staff, a nonprofit executive in the Adult Day Services industry, a researcher, or simply an advocate, NADSA has something for you. Unfortunately, careers and other matters of modern life can often make this a difficult task. Zdorovie Adult Day Health Center provides the support that retirees require, whether it be medical, dietary, therapeutic, hygienic and many other assisted daily living services, which we are more than happy to offer.

Adult Day Services Are a Growing Source of Long-Term Care. There are more than 4,600 adult day services centers across the U.S. — a 35% increase since 2002. More than 260,000 participants and family caregivers are serviced — an increase of over 100,000, or 63%, since 2002. Adult Day Services Provide Comprehensive Skilled Health Care. Maps of selected characteristics of adult day services centers and participants in the United States: Data from the NSLTCP, 2013-2014 pdf icon [PDF – 8.3 MB] Quickstats: Percentages of Residential Care Communities and Adult Day Services Centers that Provided Selected Services-United States, 2014.

Adult day care centers have grown over the last few decades because the health services available, currently surpass those of any other time, in both service and required care. As adult daycare centers are becoming more of a demand, more locations are getting involved primarily in the US, where over fifty states participate in this program to. We have 100 adult day care centers in 13 states, where we happily serve approximately 9,000 members. Each adult day care center gives disabled adults and seniors access to a safe, engaging, and supportive environment where our thoughtful, attentive professionals create a positive experience for everyone involved.