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Adults mostly eat nectar with a little pollen, though queens may consume more pollen, at least initially. Pollen (often mixed with a little nectar) is stored as food for larvae, and in the case of nectar, it is also made into honey by honey bees as a means of storing food for the winter. See: why bees need nectar and pollen. Bees eat honey. Bees ingest the nectar of plants and flowers only to regurgitate it (after it has mixed with enzymes in the bees stomach) as honey. The honey is placed into cells and capped with wax.

Honeybees only eat nectar from flowers. The honeybees also eat pollen. The honeybees are a very important part of the worlds ecosystem. Aug 24, 2016 · Larvae other than queens are subsequently fed on honey and bee bread until they pupate. Young workers consume large amounts of pollen or bee bread in the first 5-6 days of their adult life, in order to complete development. They will initially nurse the larvae and produce royal jelly from about days 5-15.

Nov 29, 2017 · What do bees eat before they come to be adults? Honey bees blend the plant pollen with some nectar to form a high protein food mixture called beebread that is utilized to feed the immature bees, called larvae. Worker bees must also care for the developing larvae. They feed them a combination of honey, pollen and also royal jelly.Author: Rosyid Anderson. Apr 29, 2019 · Honey bees also eat honey dew and in some cases make it into honey (or at least a honey-like substance). Honey dew is the sweet secretions of other insects such as aphids. Why Bees Eat Pollen? Bees need carbohydrates for energy but they need protein too. Protein is necessary for larval development. No pollen in the hive means no new baby bees.