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Phones & Tablets. Hook up with Virgin Mobile and get exclusive access and deals from day one. Plus, shop online and save the $30 connection charge on phones and tablets and enjoy free shipping with speedy delivery within 2 business days in select regions. Sweet! The best deal on an Apple Phone on in Canada is the iPhone XS (64GB) for $0 with Upfront Edge at Rogers Wireless. The best Android deal in Canada the Samsung Galaxy S10e (GB) for $0 down on any XL plan with Fido. The budget-friendly Google Pixel 3a for only $0 on Koodo Tab Medium plans is your best low-cost smartphone Stephen Clark.

The second you hook up with Virgin Mobile you become a Member, and Members get deals on the hottest brands in food, fashion, music, entertainment, and travel plus shots at VIP experiences. The best cell phone plan on Virgin Mobile is the $55 BYOP Plan with unlimited talk and text and 4GB of data. The best talk and text (no data) plan with Virgin Mobile is the $35 BYOP plan. The best Virgin Mobile prepaid plan is their Prepaid $5 Monthly Stephen Clark.

Virgin Mobile is a prepaid wireless phone service provider operating over the Sprint 4G LTE network. The company was acquired by Sprint in Virgin Mobile offers prepaid phone plans over a range of data usage and price points, including unlimited Rob Webber. Sep 27,  · Prepaid carrier Virgin Mobile offers a range of flagship and budget cell phones that pair excellently with the carrier's low-cost plans. Use this guide to find the best deals for Virgin Mobile iPhones, Samsung phones, LG phones, and Chris Holmes.