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Breast Augmentation In Seattle. Breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the U.S. and one of our most popular here in our Seattle office. Most of our patients in the Seattle and Tri-Cities, WA areas are looking to achieve a certain “look” and balance with the rest of their body, and not 5/5(78). Take a look at our price list for our breast augmentation treatments and other surgeries here at Allure Esthetic in Seattle, WA.5/5(105).

Silicone gel implants are filled with a highly cohesive gel that closely mimics the feel of natural breast tissue. 95% of Dr. Rand’s patients in Seattle and Bellevue are choosing silicone implants for the natural breast augmentation results they consistently provide.4.9/5. Sound Plastic Surgery clinic in Seattle specializes in cosmetic plastic surgery like tummy tucks, facelift, butt lift or breast augmentation as well as Botox treatments.

Breast Implants & Augmentation in Seattle Also serving Bellevue, Kirkland, & Everett. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure which enhances the size and shape of the breasts through the placement of breast implants, either above or below the pectoralis major chest muscle.