Why does my son get an erection when I spank him? He's 13. Does he enjoy the pain? | Yahoo Answers - teen erection during spanking


teen erection during spanking - Johnny's Punishment Part 1

Disciplining Young Gentlemen Anthony had lost much of his erection during the course of the spanking. It was now only about a third erect. So, the good news was that it wasn't as small as it could be, but the bad news was that it wasn't as large as it could be. In fact, much less large than it could be. Jul 26, 2008 · It could actually like it, and get turned on by it, but at age 13 any sort of physical contact is gonna give him an erection. So stop spanking him and give him another punishment, you should of stopped the spanking about 8 years ago. But don't be too concerned about the erection thing and don't worry about homosexuality.Followers: 1.

You've noticed that I've gotten an erection the last couple of times you've spanked me, which I've desperately tried to hide. An erection means i'm really desperate for the discipline, in your opinion. You also greatly enjoy spanking me, and it gives you a thrill to think that I get an erection and that I'm so embarrassed by it. In her mind, I had transformed 'innocent' boy nudity into 'sexual' nudity by having an erection. By the time she was done spanking me, I was a blubbering mess, my behind was on fire and somewhere along the way, my erection had subsided.

You may think I'm gullible, but I actually suggested this to my mom, and she readily agreed. So, since then she's been spanking me on my bare butt. Now, she won't go back to spanking me on my underwear. Also, when I stand up I'm now showing an erection due to the pressure on her lap and squirming around from the spanking. Content tagged with Embarrassing Erection. Frustratingly stuck one afternoon in the company of his female cousins, sisters and with the oldest one in charge, fourteen-year-old Danny lets loose with a tirade of gender honed vulgarity.