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Classic Car Script Battery Large Selection of Antique Classic Car Batteries: These AGM batteries are shipped fully charged and ready to be installed right out of the box. But we always recommend charging a battery before installing in the car. It is best to use and AGM 10 amp charger and a AGM trickler charger for your 12 volt batteries. Our. Battery Manufacturer providing OEM replacement batteries for antique and classic cars and trucks, Come To The Source for OEM Batteries. World’s Largest Manufacturer of 100% Correct Hard Rubber Raised Letter Antique, Classic Car & Truck Batteries. Licensed by the Big Four. We offer Correct, Maintenance Free - "No Judge Will Know" Batteries.

Sep 24, 2018 · Antique Auto Battery also offers 12-volt restoration batteries as well as 8-volt batteries which can be useful to give additional starting power to a 6-volt system, but must be used with voltage resistors on susceptible electrical items such as radios, lights, and blower motors.Author: Jim O'clair. I do not have a 6 volt battery to test it on. 6-volt, 6A, reducing to 3A output with charging. NOT TESTED ON A 6-VOLT CAR BATTERY, SO THE OUTPUT GAUGE HAS NOT BEEN TESTED. SEALEY STC40 CAR VAN MOTORBIKE 12V 12 VOLT 6V 6 VOLT COMPACT BATTERY CHARGER.

Maintenance Free Batteries: Power Unit AGM Batteries 100% correct on the outside All self contained. Never add water or acid. Cables and Accessories: Correct cables for all makes and models. 6/12,12/6, 8 volt and Optima Batteries. Float chargers for 6Volt, 8Volt, and 12Volt batteries. Battery disconnect switches - top post and side post. Oct 31, 2015 · I have seen some smaller vintage-look battery boxes on eBay to hide a single Optima 6-volt battery. Perhaps I could take a 19" case and stash two optimas inside. That would be slick. I do appreciate all the tips on wire gague, booster pump, new regulator, etc.